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You may not know this, but poor oral hygiene doesn’t just mean issues with your teeth and gums – it can lead to problems in many other parts of the body, too. As such, it’s incredibly important to ensure you maintain the health of your teeth and gums. Without the appropriate care, it can really end up costing a fortune, and one of the best ways to avoid huge dental bills or ill general health is by regular visits to the dentist. If you’re in Craigieburn, you’re a stone’s throw away from the Apollo Family Dental clinic in Coburg, providing a professional dentist to patients with all kinds of oral health issues. Our Identist has experience with patients of all ages, so whether it’s you or your children who are in need of a dental check-up, we’re here to provide assistance.

Supplying Craigieburn residents with a range of dentist services

As a comprehensive clinic right, we are proud to be able to offer a selection of choices regarding your oral health, including:

General care and check-ups

For children and adults alike, it’s vital that you have your teeth and gums checked on a regular basis. While it might seem a hassle now, it can prevent much bigger hassles down the track!

Cosmetic work

You may stay vigilant in terms of oral health but at the same time would like to make some aesthetic changes. We can help with a range of procedures including stained teeth through to uneven gum lines and much more.

Orthodontic Services

When braces or another other orthodontic treatment is required, Apollo Family Dental is here to consult with you and fit what’s necessary.

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